Colour Reprints of Mayan Monuments: Where Do They Fit?

Well, the harder question to answer would be: “Where don’t they fit?” While (almost) everyone agrees that artwork can do wonders in terms of elevating your decor, finding the right piece can be difficult. But even the most artistically challenged among us can see the appeal of having a high-quality reprint of beautiful and historically rich Mayan monuments. As this guide will, show, Mayan monument reprints offer unmatched versatility as decor pieces.

1. The Perfect Wall Hanging for Your Home

Art is in when it comes to modern interior design. A home is not considered to be stylistically complete until you have one or two wall hangings adorning your living room. Having a colour reprint of a Mayan monument achieves the almost impossible balance between being unique and safe. Unique, in terms of being an unorthodox choice. Most people prefer to opt for paintings when decorating their homes.

Safe, in terms of being universally appealing. Art can be divisive, and some people have very strong negative opinions about certain art styles. It is, however, impossible to find a guest who takes particular offence with historical Mayan imagery.

2. Liven up the Workplace

It is disappointing how most workplaces neglect to include some form of artwork in their interior décor. In most cases, this is due to the high cost of larger pieces that can act as a centrepiece. Luckily, cost is not a prohibitive issue when it comes to colour reprints. It is quite affordable, even for larger dimension prints.

Most employers are also unaware of the benefits that artwork can bring to their bottom-line. A client’s decision to do business with you is heavily determined by how they perceive your business. Having some tasteful art is one way to improve your first impression. Employees have also shown improved productivity when working in a livelier environment.

3. Add Character to Your Personal Office

If you work from home, or have a personal office at your workplace, having a high-quality hanging of Mayan historical monuments makes your space a bit more distinguished. You can impress your visitors by showing off your interest in ancient history – which is an intellectual pursuit. It might also present you with a stimulating focal point to gaze at when gathering your thoughts.

4. Add Colour to the Classroom

For most students, unfortunately, the classroom learning experience can be boring. Adding a bit of colour in the class can help make the learning environment a bit more interesting. This can be particularly effective in a class dealing with history, archaeology or architecture. Not only will the subject matter engage the student’s intellectual curiosity regarding the Mayan civilization, but it is also universally inoffensive, which makes it suitable for a multicultural space.

5. Add Class to Your Upscale Restaurant

The fine dining experience extends past the menu. As any restaurateur knows, you have to create an environment that enhances the experience of your discerning clientele. Interior décor is one of the first things that clients experience in a restaurant, and having classy art immediately shows your commitment to ensuring a pleasant dining experience.

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