Bonus codes and online betting: All you need to know

When it comes to online betting, you should use any advantage available to you. One of the advantages of the industry becoming competitive is the concept of bonus codes. Bonus codes are phrases that can be input to give a player a certain advantage bonus. It is almost impossible to find a betting site offering no bonus codes; it has become standard industry practice. This guide will highlight the different types of bonus codes and how you can find them.

Types of Bonus Codes

The types of bonus codes that online betting operators use to incentivize players on their platform include:

Deposit Bonus Codes

These bonus codes can only be activated once you make a deposit. Most deposit bonus codes will credit a percentage of your deposit amount into your account. This can either be for your first deposit or on subsequent deposits with the platform to incentivize loyalty.

No-Deposit Bonus Codes

This is a rare and highly sought after type of bonus code that does not require any deposit to activate the bonus. The bonus is usually in the form of a free bet that can be used on certain games or free money in your account that can be used to bet on any available games on the site.

Bet Bonus

These are like deposit bonus point, except for the fact that they are activated when you make a bet. The bonus usually multiplies your potential winnings on a bet. Another type of bet bonus is an additional free bet after you have placed the initial bet.

Cashback and Insurance Bonus Codes

This can be seen as a type of bet bonus whereby a certain percentage of your stake (the money placed on a bet) will be refunded into your account. In cashback bonus codes, the refund occurs immediately after placing the bet. In insurance bonus code, the refund only occurs if the bet is lost. If you win the bet, the bonus if forfeit.

Refer-a-Friend Bonus Codes

These are bonus codes that you use when you successfully unibet refer a friend to use the service. The bonus may activate after the friend registers, or after they make a deposit or bet. Some sites prefer to offer this bonus automatically without requiring the use of bonus codes.

Mobile Bonus Codes

Virtually all online gambling sites have developed a mobile app. Mobile bonus codes are used to incentivize users to play on their mobile devices. A wide variety of bonuses are offered by mobile bonus codes including free bets and bet bonuses.

Event Bonus Codes

These are bonuses that are tied to certain events. The event can be a major sports final, the start/end of a sporting season or a big matchup between rivals. Event bonuses are usually offered on bets involving the qualifying event – usually by multiplying any potential winnings.

Other Bonuses

Betting sites are very creative in how they offer bonus codes. It is impossible to individually list all categories in one guide. Luckily, most betting sites will announce special bonuses, so the key to benefiting is being constantly vigilant in your search for bonus codes.

Most betting sites have a ‘promotions’ page on which they list all their active bonus codes. In some cases, the bonus codes will be given to reputable affiliates to encourage their members to use the site.

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