About Us

As it is with most business ideas, Mayancollection.com was founded as a solution to a problem facing the founding members. The Mayan civilization left behind a wealth of cultural heritage in terms of its architecture, customs and unique artefacts. Apart from being visually stunning, they offer us a window into how Mayans interacted with each other and the world around them.

Finding quality prints of these pictures and artwork can be challenging. Most of the rights owners don’t focus on offering reprints.

This is what inspired us to start the service. We work with rights owners to allow us to share the Mayan cultural heritage with fellow history buffs who are fascinated with Central American history. The art that we display in our homes and places of work should be able to represent our interests and passion, and that is the founding principle of mayancollection.com.

Our commitment to quality has seen us partnering with photographers and artists who have been documenting Mayan monuments, archaeological finds and cultural history for decades. All reprints are of the highest quality and come from a highly curated database of photographs and artwork.

Mayancollection.com is a service built on four core values: authenticity, integrity, customer satisfaction and passion.

  • Authenticity: All the images featured on the service are authentic representations of the Mayan cultural and architectural heritage.
  • Integrity: Our service honours all its obligations to the image rights holders that we partner with as well as our consumers.
  • Customer satisfaction: Mayancollections.com is committed to ensuring that our clients have a pleasant experience every time they do business with us. We are committed to delivering quality reprints of the highest quality within the shortest possible delivery times. We don’t just want to meet customer expectations; we want to exceed them consistently.
  • Passion: As a company and on an individual level, we are passionate about Mayan history, architecture and culture and; this is what fuels our commitment to sharing it with the world.

The eyes are the windows to the soul. Our vision is to raise awareness of the rich history of the Mayan people by sharing the stunning imagery of their cultural and architectural heritage.